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Top Offline RPG Games For Android in 2021

What is an RPG game

RPG stands for a role-playing video game, a computer game genre in which players progress through story quests, and sometimes a variety of side quests for which their character or group of characters obtain experience that enhances different attributes and abilities. The genre is almost entirely rooted in TSR, Inc.’s Dungeons & Dragons (D&D; 1974), a role-playing game (RPG) for small groups in which each player plays a role, such as a healer, fighter, or wizard, to help the player combat evil as directed by the group’s Dungeon Master or appointed storyteller. Although fantasy settings remain popular, video RPGs have also explored the realms of science fiction and the cloak-and-dagger espionage universe. 

Single-player  RPG game

Early video RPGs usually retained some or all of the original elements of D&D, including its fantasy universe of elves, dwarfs, trolls, goblins, and dragons, and its character attributes—constitution, power, agility, intellect, knowledge, and charisma. The first effort to produce an electronic version of D&D was Dungeon (1975), an unauthorized modification of the PDP-10 minicomputer for Digital Equipment Corporation. While essentially a text-based implementation, it included overhead maps of the dungeon showing where the players had been exploring. 

The first commercial D&D-style games were Origin Systems, Inc.’s Ultima (1980) and Sir-Tech Software, Inc.’s Wizardry (1981), both originally from Apple Inc.’s Apple II home computer. Wizardry sequences have been developed over the next two decades for the Commodore Amiga computer, the personal computers running MS-DOS, and the Sega Saturn and Sony Corporation PlayStation home video consoles. The sequels of Ultima (now owned by Electronic Arts) were made over the next 25 years for Amiga, Apple’s Mac OS, Microsoft Corporation’s Windows OS, and Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony video game consoles. 

Popular RPG single-player franchises for home video consoles include Square Enix’s Dragon Quest (1986–) and Final Fantasy (1987–), Nintendo and Sony consoles, and Sega’s Phantasy Star (1987–), Sega and Sony consoles. Nintendo’s Pokémon (1995–) series is the most popular RPG franchise in terms of overall media sales (games, cards, books, figurines) and the most recent iterations provide support for competing against others on the Internet.  

Traditionally, computer players have been treated to a deeper gaming experience, with richer, more nuanced stories than those found in early consoles. An excellent example of this was Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985), in which the identities of the players were directly influenced by the ethical choices they made. By the 1990s, however, console games had made great strides, with titles such as Square Enix’s Chrono Trigger (1995) and Final Fantasy VII (1997) redefining the aspirations of gamers. Soon, excellent games such as Eidos Interactive’s Deus Ex (2000) and BioWare Corporation’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) won fans on both PCs and consoles. Other popular RPGs for Windows OS, Mac OS, and next-generation consoles include BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate (1998–), Mass Effect (2007–), and Dragon Age (2009–) franchises, and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls (1994–) and Fallout (1997–) sequence. 

Multiplayer RPG game

Persistent multiplayer game worlds, known as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), derive from early text-based multi-user dungeons played on mainframe computers and minicomputers. Since the advent of graphics in RPGs forced early PCs and telephone connection rates to their limits, most of the first graphical multiplayer RPGs were limited to a few players in small worlds. For example, AOL’s Neverwinter Nights (1991–97) first restricted the game world to a few dozen players on its proprietary dial-up network. Similarly, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo (1997), an action-oriented game with some RPG features that was originally released for Windows OS and later for Mac OS, provided the option of four players to join the game world by signing up via the company’s Battle.net game-hosting service. 

The most successful early MMORPGs for Windows were Electronic Arts’ Ultima Online (1997–) and Sony’s Everquest I & II (1999–). While still ongoing, the number of subscribers to these games decreased dramatically as MMORPGs with better graphics were released. Sony also operates a game server for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XI (2002–), also known as Final Fantasy XI Online, for PlayStation 2, Windows OS, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360; its broad user base is concentrated in Japan, where it is very popular. 

The pioneers of the “second generation” of MMORPGs include Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (2004–) for Windows OS and Mac OS, Turbine, Inc.’s Lord of the Rings Online (2007–) for Windows OS, and Electronic Arts’ Warhammer Online (2008–) for Windows OS. World of Warcraft became so popular that it created a jobs category, known as the “gold farmer,” in China, where thousands of players accumulated.

so if you had an idea of a RPG game lets move towards the top Offline RPG Games For Android in 2021 here are the top 5 best offline RPG games of 2021

Top 5 offline RPG games in 2021

1-Auto Grand Theft: San Andreas 

Auto Grand Theft: San Andreas is One of the best offline games in the world and the most popular entries of the GTA Series. San Andreas put you in the shoes of Carl Johnson, a gangster who came home after five years. A lot of things have happened since he’s the gone-his mother has been killed, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all headed for tragedy. 

Auto Grand Theft: San Andreas 

In this game, you’d experience one of Rockstar’s best open-world experiences yet. Join CJ’s journey through the city of San Andreas to save his family and friends. Take care of the streets. Auto Grand Theft is one of the best RPG game

2-The Titan Quest 

Titan Quest is a literal diablo 2 clone that has collected a respectable fanbase since the PC version. Now, after being ported to Android and iOS, you can relive all that made the ARPG genre popular. The game is set in ancient Greece, where gods and supernatural creatures dwell next to humans. A terrible thing is going on, with the monster Medusa unleashing hordes of evil all over the place – it’s your duty to clean them up and save the world. 

The Titan Quest 

You should expect from this game all that the usual ARPG has-from the Intensive Items/Rune System, the varied skill/master classes… and more. Overall, you can think of TQ as the Greek theme of Diablo. 

3-The Eternity 

Eternium is one of Diablo 3’s most similar games you can find on Mobile. In this game, you’d be playing either a wizard, a bounty hunter, or a warrior in the quest to prevent an ancient evil called Ragadam from destroying the earth. 

Your quest will take you from planet to planet, meeting deadly enemies including dragons and aliens… on your journey, you would gather allies to help in battle – your party would gain more level control. 

The Eternity 

Gears are the strongest part of Eternium, with almost every Diablo device copied. You can equip the gears on almost every big body component, input the gems to change them, collect the sets, reroll, and more. The campaign is massive, with additional levels of “special trials” sprinkled in. 

4-The Knights of the Old Republic 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR is widely considered to be one of the greatest, if not the best, Star Wars ever played. It’s an epic role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe. Five thousand years before the movies. The epic story takes you all over the galaxy, finding the secrets of power, both Jedi and Sith.

The Knights of the Old Republic 

In this game, you’d be able to take part in thrilling lightsaber duels, complex turn-based combat… And more than that. The story is so well written, the fans are still talking about it today. Android’s version of the game is paid, but just half as much as the PC version. 

5-The Crashlands 

Crashlands is a somewhat different genus than RPG-it has some sort of survival genus embedded in it. In this game, you’d have to survive, craft, and explore an alien planet after it crashed – all to secure the package and deliver it to the target spot. All on the world is out for your blood, and you’ve got to make a way to survive. The arms and equipment system is the strong point of this game – the main character can have one primary and four secondary weapons, along with four trinkets and armor items. 

The Crashlands

Overall, this is a combination of Minecraft’s exploration and craftsmanship and Diablo’s Battle and Gear Optimization. Crashland’s graphical specifications are very low-you can play the game pretty much on any form of a phone. 

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