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Top in-demand cybersecurity jobs in 2021

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a discipline that protects devices, networks and programs from digital attacks. These cyber attacks are typically aimed at accessing, modifying, or damaging confidential information; extorting users’ money; or interrupting normal business processes.The implementation of successful cyber security measures is especially difficult today because there are more devices than people and attackers are becoming more creative.

Are cybersecurity jobs in demand?

There is a high demand for cybersecurity professionals in 2021. With all sorts of business transactions going online, risk management is a major concern for companies around the world. The pandemic has also intensified this transition, rendering online business presence a must-have today. The New York Times estimated that demand for cybersecurity positions would multiply and result in 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021.

In fact, chief information security officers are high in demand regardless of the industry-leading to a substantial increase in the number of related jobs in recent years. However, even with this steady increase in the number of work openings, the skills gap is very high. With proper up-skilling, willing young professionals will not only be able to fulfill these market requirements but will also have lucrative career prospects and will be able to develop in their area of expertise.

Most in-demand cybersecurity jobs in 2021

Here we have listed the Top in-demand cybersecurity jobs in 2021

  1. Information Security Analyst: chief information security officers track and analyze security processes for companies to avoid possible security breaches. They are responsible for the production of security measures to safeguard the safety infrastructure of companies. In order to ensure that all applicable software is updated periodically to add new protective walls, information security analysts have a wide range of duties to ensure that all kinds of information remain secure.
    Globally open jobs: 13,852
  1. Ethical hackers:
    As the name suggests, ethical hacking is licensed and legal hacking is used to verify the safety strength of a business. Ethical hackers are finding ways to break down security infrastructures in order to find device flaws and ways to develop them. Ethical hackers use the same tactics that an unethical hacker might use to find system vulnerabilities. They carry out a range of tests for recruiting agencies, based on the security criteria.

Globally open jobs: 6.597

  1. Digital Forensic Analysts:
    Digital forensic investigators collect any type of digital information from a number of devices that have been hacked or used in cyber crimes. They specialize in restoring missing or destroyed data and also support law enforcement authorities to obtain any significant information that can be used as evidence against cyber criminals. They are also responsible for reviewing the data broken or signs of cybercrime in order to maintain a thorough record of the evidence discovered. They shall also register their inquiry for future reference.

Globally open jobs: 1,575

  1. Architect of Defense
    The security architect is a person who designs, constructs and maintains security infrastructures for any kind of information and data in a business. There are quite a few overlaps between security architects and ethical hackers in the sense that both of these experts tend to think like cyber criminals to consider the possible areas that might be compromised. Security researchers are seeking to obtain unauthorized access to and operate on computer systems to find areas of improvement. They also chart the process as a whole to record progress.

Globally open jobs: 6,122

  1. Network Engineers
    Network engineers are working on the creation and maintenance of the digital network used by the recruiting company. From designing a network to enforcing best practices in the area of network security, network engineers ensure that the network functions of the company operate smoothly. They also prevent these networks from falling victim to some form of malpractice.

6.Developer of Security Applications
Security software developers incorporate consistent security practices when designing software to ensure that they are stable and efficient. The responsibilities of the security software developer range from developing software to updating it on a regular basis as needed. They also collaborate with other cybersecurity specialists to develop applications and security techniques to safeguard the organization’s data and information.

Globally open jobs: 1,575

  1. Chief Security Officer of Information (CISo)
    This is a senior position for security specialists who handle all sorts of data and information security operations for the company. Depending on the business, the Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for a variety of roles, including working directly with the management, the technical staff, and, of course, the cybersecurity team. Professionals working as CISo need to keep up-to-date on all the developments in security best practices and more study on the latest ways to protect information and data for the organization.

So this are the Top in-demand cybersecurity jobs in 2021 you can specialize in any one of the mentioned above


Is there a high demand for cybersecurity?

According to the report, cybersecurity positions take longer to fill—20 percent longer than usual IT roles. On average, IT jobs take 41 days to complete, but cybersecurity positions take 50 days to complete. One explanation for this is the insufficient labor pool so cybersecurity jobs are high in-demand in 2021. For any cybersecurity opening, employers can only tap a pool of around two employers to hire. (This figure has not budged in three years, despite the rise in training programs.) In addition, there are normally around six workers in the pool for most jobs.

How much do you make a year in cybersecurity?

According to the BLS, cybersecurity analysts received a median annual salary of $98,350 in 2018. PayScale, on the other hand, estimates that those in the industry have an average salary of $75,746 a year, with salaries ranging from as low as $51,000 to as high as $117,000. Meanwhile, Glassdoor, the company’s review site, reveals a national average pay of $76,410 per year.Chief information security officers earns lavishly

Is cybersecurity stressful

As cybercriminals frequently execute more sophisticated attacks and fewer barriers to entry, it is quite stressful to troubleshoot the problem but cybersecurity professionals are more in demand than ever before. Security engineers are becoming extremely difficult to find and costly to employ. By 2021, an estimated 3.5 million vacancies will be found in the sector.

Because of this, there’s never been a better time for you to turn your IT passion into a cyber security career. Think you’ve got what it takes to become the next cybersecurity data protection expert.

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