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Most used Slangs and Jargon in Free fire

As a beginner, a lot of players would find it exhausting when they are introduced to a lot of jargon and slang in the game. Find out the Free Fire slangs that you may be confused about!

1. Air drop 

Airdrop refers to a box that regularly falls from the sky. If see an airdrop, don’t miss a chance to pick up valuable weapons and dear ones inside. Seek the blinking light as a sign when the airdrop is open. 

2. The White Weapons

All types of weapons that do not have a fire are considered ‘white weapons.’ Swords, spears, and some other melee weapons are the most common. 


Whenever you win the game, you’ll see a huge booyah on the screen that shows a moment of joy and triumph. The word that is commonly used in the Free Fire culture originated in Indonesian as a concept that signifies happiness or achievement. 

4. Bug Cover 

This word means having headshots quickly by crouching and firing while allowing the enemy little time to protect himself. 

5. Call now 

Call now

Apart from the original sense, the word call in Free Fire is often used in wartime. If the leader asks you to ‘trust the call,’ it means the time to follow the instructions and bet on the game. 

6. Camper

The word that is very common in shooter games refers to defensive players who try to hide in houses and buildings for as long as possible to save their lives and only come out in the last few minutes. This type of player is the most despised in battle mode. 

7. Coverup 

A different expression of the headshot or one of the Way to take head shot.



Dima Stands for  Diamond-the second-highest rank in the Free Fire list. The top one is called Heroic. 

9. HP 

Short for Health Point, a bar that indicates the health status of your character. The maximum HP is 200, and when you take damage, it decreases steadily until it’s over and you’re out of combat. 

10. EP 

Short for Energy Point-The Health Point Backup 

11. Campfires 

The feature available on due and squad modes which allows you and your team to be healed 


Short for Headshot – the gunshot that aims at the head of the enemy 

13. Quitter 

In Free Fire, any other competitive games like quitter refer to players who quit or run away from the fight easily and do not have the courage to encounter enemies. 

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