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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is one of the fields of computer science that works to build human-like robots to make rational decisions based solely on data, unlike human beings. Artificial Intelligence uses a logical and realistic approach to evaluate data for the development of artificial devices or assist goods in different sectors.

Artificial intelligence is a crucial part of the aerospace and e-commerce sectors. All is going to be digital eventually, and in the coming years, marketing technologies are going to be digital instead of traditional marketing, as the internet is going to be at its height in engulfing every market in the world as we know so far.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Our day begins with the smartphone beep and ends with the next day’s assignment notifications. It sums up the significance of artificial intelligence in our worldly lives. Artificial Intelligence dominates and influences every aspect of our lives, from news to the choice of clothes we buy from e-commerce websites.

Let us focus on the different aspects of our lives that are influenced by artificial intelligence:

Social Media Services

  • Twitter and Facebook notification
  • Instagram’s stories
  • Blogs and recommendations for the website

Virtual Assists

  • Siri-I-Telephone
  • Tesla’s self-driving car
  • Assistant to Google
  • Bots of Chat


  • Whatsapp Status and Notification
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Smart Gmail Replies
  • Gmail Filter

online shopping

  • Recommendations on products
  • Directions for map
  • YouTube Music Recommendations

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is a technique used to present things in a way that attracts customers to purchase products or services. Marketing has been done since ancient times, as in human history, but in conventional methods. So far, in the advancement of technology, we have bridged the distance between the dark age and the internet age. The improvement in the scientific and technical sectors has significantly changed everything around us.

Digital platforms have changed the marketing approach in three-sixty degrees by changing the rules and terms of the marketing platforms.

Digital Marketing has traveled a long way from print media to social media platforms. Nowadays, everything we buy or see on the internet while surfing is the result of digital marketing. The effect of marketing is the same, but the means of achieving this effect on business have changed significantly through the use of digital marketing techniques. Just try searching the web browser search bar and the BOOM! You’re drowned in advertisements related to that particular product until you buy it.

Digital marketing is done in a variety of ways using so many techniques, but here are some of the most important things digital marketers have done to attract customers from multiple strata:

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing of affiliates
  • Marketing in Social Media
  • Pay Per Click on Marketing
  • Marketing Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing covers different internet platforms, from emails to search preferences, to curate the likes and dislikes of customers following their choices.

Advantages of Digital marketing over conventional marketing

Digital Marketing reaps the benefits of penetrating the Internet among the masses by covering as many of the age groups of people present in a specific area at a given time. Take a small tour to the advantage of digital marketing over conventional marketing techniques.

  • The Powerful Approach
  • More powerful
  • More Cost-Release Approach
  • More Accurate Buyer Targeting
  • More Powerful Reaches
  • More Access to the
  • More responsive approach
  • More Consumers-Friendly
  • The more level playing field
  • More flexibility

Digital Marketing outperforms conventional marketing in everything from accessibility to flexibility The approach taken by the various industries to contact their target customers. Digital Marketing is a new platform for the emerging advanced industries in the age of artificial intelligence or robotics.

What is ai in digital marketing?

The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and business operations has become a necessary rite of passage into the 21st century. 47 percent of digitally mature organizations—those with advanced digital practices already have an established AI strategy, and 84 percent of business executives believe that the introduction of AI helps their company to retain a competitive advantage.

The widespread reach of AI in digital marketing in 2021 demonstrates the value of this technology in today’s digital landscape. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and show you how to harness AI’s strength for your own marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence transforms thousands of sectors. From banking to technology and retail, artificial intelligence is transforming the way brands do business. For digital marketers, the way they link brands to their customers is evolving.

Machines and computer systems function like humans with tasks such as voice recognition, visual perception, translation, and decision-making, all of which previously required human intelligence. Now, artificial intelligence can perform these tasks independently. In reality, by the end of this year, 40% of digital transformation services will use artificial intelligence, and by 2025, the AI industry will rise to $190 billion. These are only a few AI predictions for 2021, and there is no question that the momentum of this technological transition will be more optimistic.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes every industry and network with its effective and efficient time-bound delivery to end-users. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing has many benefits and has such a profound effect that it is too profound to overlook.

Let us examine the effect of artificial intelligence on digital marketing:

How AI Shaping Digital Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence through various social media channels to expand the reach of end-users is mind-blowing whether it is expressed in numbers or data. From Facebook to Twitter, every social media site reaps the benefits of artificial intelligence through a variety of methods. All of these platforms use user data to make the best possible consumer search suggestions. From user age to demographics, various tools are used to generate insights based on user interests. All of these data collections and processing are performed in a fraction of a second by an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Transformation of the entertainment industry
Nowadays, the entertainment industry is utilizing artificial intelligence in a number of ways, from recommending your favorite songs to using augmented reality. Netflix and Amazon are two big video-on-demand sites that offer a variety of options for viewers. All of these platforms use artificial intelligence to curate user interests using user search history. Artificial intelligence wonders when it comes to predicting the moods and choices of millions of users around the world. Here comes the role of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing of such platforms.

Improved returns on investment
Artificial intelligence increases user experience by leaps and bounds relative to humans, which converts leads to real-time customers. Artificial intelligence gives an improved and enriched user experience and affects decisions of the same nature.

Some of the famous company using ai are

  • Barista Chatbot Starbucks
  • Siri’s
  • Alexa
  • Assistant to Google

Why you should use AI in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence algorithms in giant search engines are changing the way data is processed and analyzed.Artificial intelligence technology monitors consumer desires, attitudes and behaviors. All of these experiences help to render effective algorithms based on goods and services that could be of interest to their customers.

Awareness of the purchasing patterns of your consumers will help to weave a more successful and productive marketing strategy. By doing the same, you will encourage the following consumer preference.

Artificial intelligence technology uses much faster and more efficient digital marketing and data processing techniques compared to humans. Amazon uses AI-powered recommendation engines to provide personalized recommendations. Personalized reviews play a key role in improving sales and revenue growth.

Some prediction on AI

  • It is projected that the AI market will rise to $190 billion in the industry by 2025.
  • Across the globe, investment in cognitive and AI systems will hit $57.6 billion in 2021.
  • AI services will be used by 40% of digital transformation projects by 2019.
  • By 2021, 75% of commercial business applications will use AI technologies.
  • China will reap the most economic benefits from AI by 2030, and North America will follow suit.
  • 80 percent of sales and marketing executives have used or expect to use Chatbot apps in their customer experience by 2020.
  • Top-performing businesses use AI for marketing purposes relative to their peers (28 percent vs 12 percent )
  • AI is favored by 71 percent B2B Marketers for personalization
  • 63 percent of marketers can use AI technology to recognize trends

So we can assume that the future of artificial intelligence is going to fully revolutionize the digital marketing environment. Artificial intelligence and digital marketing, both products of the internet age, complement each other comfortably.

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