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How To Check Your Login History On Twitter Website & App

All the things you need to know To Check Your Login History On Twitter Website & App

Twitter has become a very valuable asset for many people. Although it’s a publicity tool for others, it’s a place to express personal opinions for others. So, what if I suggest that someone hacked your Twitter account and used it behind your back without your knowledge.

Well, to avoid this from happening, Twitter has a helpful feature that lets you see all the devices that your Twitter account has used or used along with the Login and Location Date & Time. Also, if you find that your account is being used on some unknown computer, you have the option to log out of it.

So, let us see if we can verify when and where your Twitter account has been/is being used so that you can confirm whether or not your account has been compromised and take necessary security measures and see How To Check Your Login History On Twitter Website & App

How to Check Recent logins on Twitter Website

You can check your recent login activity on twitter by logging in to the Twitter website by using the following steps:

Three step to check Recent logins on Twitter Website

  • Sign in to Twitter and click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then click Settings and Privacy.
  • Now in the left-hand corner, press Apps and Tablets. Last login Operation Twitter Desktop Page, check if your Twitter account has been compromised.
  • Here you can see all the applications that have access to your Twitter account. Now if you scroll down, you can see all your recent login from various devices under Recently used devices to access Twitter.

Now there is the list, for each login, you can see the Device Type (Android, iOS..), Location, Date & Login Time, and Logout Option.

Also, at the top of the list, there is also an option called Logout Everything, which logs all devices except the one you are actually using out of your account.


How to check Check Recent login activity on Twitter Mobile App

If you’re using the Twitter app for Android or iOS, you can still search your recent account activity in the app.

Three steps to check Recent login activity on Twitter Mobile App

  • Open the Twitter app on your phone and tap Profile picture on the left to display the menu, then tap Settings & Privacy.
  • Now tap Account, then tap Data and Permissions Apps and Sessions.
  • Now here, scroll down and here you can see all the recent login sessions.

Now you can see all the devices along with the location. If you tap a computer, you can see the Login Date & Time and the login option.

Similar to the website, also in the app, you have the option of logging out of all devices at once.

What to do when your Twitter account got hacked?

In the event that you see some unknown computer in recent login or any suspicious behavior and assume that your account is in jeopardy, you must take certain steps to protect your account.

  • As mentioned above, you can log out of all devices at once, so use this option to log out of all devices.
  • Adjust your password and make sure that you set a solid password.
  • Check your tweets, and if you find any unauthorized tweets, immediately delete them.
  • Go to Applications and Devices again, and check if there are any unknown apps that you don’t recall giving access to, and press Delete Access next to it.

popular quiries

How can i recover my suspended twitter account?

You might be able to unsuspend from your own account. If you log in and see prompts asking you to provide your phone number or confirm your email address, follow the instructions to get your account unsuspended.

Do you see a message that your account is locked? Your account may also be temporarily disabled in response to spamming or inappropriate activity posts. For example, you may be prohibited from tweeting your account for a specified period of time, or you may be asked to verify certain details about yourself before continuing. Get support unlocking your account right now.
File an appeal and we will be in a position to suspend your account. If you are unable to discard your own account using the above instructions and you feel that we have made a mistake in suspending or closing your account, you can appeal. Next, log in to the account that has been suspended. Then open a new web browser tab and submit an appeal.

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