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Facebook smartwatch that focuses on messaging and health

Facebook is developing a facebbok smartwatch as part of its ongoing hardware efforts. The device is said to be an Android-based smartwatch, but the study does not state whether Facebook plans to run Google’s Wear OS device. It also says that Facebook is working on developing its own hardware operating system and that future wearable iterations will run that software instead.

The Facebook smartwatch will have messaging, wellness, and fitness features, and would join Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality headsets and Portal video chat devices as part of the hardware ecosystem of the social network. Facebook is also working on the branded Ray-Ban smart glasses to be published later this year and a separate Augmented Reality research program known as Project Aria, which is part of the company’s wider AR explorations that it has been working on for some time now. Facebook refused to comment on any proposed smartwatch projects.

The hardware goals of the social networking giant are no secrets. The organization has more than 6,000 employees working on various augmented and virtual reality projects and as part of existing hardware divisions such as Oculus and Portal, as well as experimental programs under its Facebook Reality Labs division, Bloomberg estimated last month. And while Facebook has not shown a clear interest in health and fitness equipment in the past, the company has a record in wearables with its Oculus headsets and potential smart glasses.

Facebook also purchased the CTRL-Labs neural interface in 2019. CTRL-Labs specializing in the production of wireless input mechanisms, including devices that could relay electrical signals from the brain to computers without the need for conventional touchscreen or physical button inputs. Intellectual property startups and ongoing research could have an effect on whatever wearables Facebook creates in the future—including smartwatches, smart glasses, or future Oculus headsets.


Can you get Facebook on a smartwatch?

To get Facebook on your smartwatch You need to pair your mobile with your smartwatch to sync all gadgets. To do this, install the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone and choose your Samsung watch. Next, make sure there’s a Facebook version on your mobile that’s downloaded. If not, download it and log in to it. You need to sync Facebook to your wearable so that you can use it on your watch.

The Facebook message is effortless to trigger. First, go to Settings and then tap the ‘Manage Notifications’ function. You can see all the supported apps on your computer when you open it. In the list, you will see the Facebook option, here activate it by pressing the ‘On’ button. This is it. After that, you’ll get all the updates from the Facebook app.

Next time you receive any new updates, the smartwatch will warn you. It will display Yellow Dot & Green Dot on the main screen so that when you get a call, you can shift your screen to the left to see all your messages or updates.

In the same way, you can deactivate Facebook app alerts. If you do not want to receive any new messages in the future, go to the Manage Alerts & Disable On button. If you want to stop all updates in all applications, press the ‘All Apps’ button, and your Gear Smartwatch will never receive any messages.

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