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Character Skills you should use for Free Fire Ranked Mode 2021

Here are the five best characters to use in Free Fire you need to get at least one of them to get a better chance in the top tier.

Free Fire has a big character roster, and because of that, it may be pretty hard to pick the right one to buy at first. Character skills are super essential in Free Fire – you’d have to select anything to complement your team in order to ascend the highly competitive Ranked mode of the game.

1-Chrono’s time runner.

Chrono’s time runner

Chrono’s ability is called “Time Turner”-it will build a tiny 500 HP bubble that you and your allies can get in. You can run quicker and shoot targets outside when you are in the bubble. But your opponent is going to have to break the bubble to get to you.

Although this ability may seem to be overpowered, it is not. Time Turner’s weakness is that the bubble doesn’t move-the enemy can only withdraw before the 10s run out. But this still makes Chrono the most powerful character in the game.

2-The Master of All K’s

The Master of All K’s

K’s ability “Master of all” has two modes-the first one will let him and his teammates recover faster from the EP… And the second will recover his EP at a faster pace. Overall, K’s ability is strictly defensive and should be paired with more offensive skills in order to have the best impact. In reality, the Quick EP convert is just as fast as Alok’s healing.

3-Alok’s drop the beat


Joined the top-tier character list immediately after his addition to the game, Alok is possibly the best support character at the moment. His healing skill “Drop the Beat” increases both the speed of movement and the regeneration of HP for all allies in the 5m radius. The skill is powerful in both offense and defense – you can use it to recover your HP after a battle, or you can flank your enemies with a huge speed of movement. At max, the impact lasts 10 seconds, equal to 50 HP healing.

4 – Dasha’s partying on

Dasha’s partying on

Dasha is the second most recent character in Free Fire after Chrono. Its “Partying On” capability is very unique-it offers 4 of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: fall damage reduction & fall recovery… Along with arms repulsion reduction and repulsion buildup. These bonuses can easily be split into two skills-but it looks like Garena has decided against it.

5-The Luqueta’s Hat Trick

Luqueta’s Hat Trick

Luqueta’s passive skill Hat Trick will give you a MAX HP boost every time you kill. This is far more important than just a cure, as the bonus will remain active for the remainder of the match and can be healed back up. At max, it only takes 2 kills for you to meet the 35 HP bonus limit. Having 235 HP would give you a very big bonus in solo fights… And when paired with A124’s abilities and Alok’s, you’d play a lot with a 300 HP pool.

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