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Best Wrestling Games For Android 2021

Check out the article below to know about the top Wrestling Games For Android 2021

WWE (Worlds Wrestling Entertainment) is an organized wrestling tournament featuring wrestlers from around the globe who come to fight for various belts. Similar to every sport we have today, WWE has games that display the action in the arena. In this post, we’re looking at a detailed list of the Best Wrestling Games For Android 2021

Seven Best Wrestling Games For Android 2021

Altough there are many good wrestling games available in playstore and appstore i have selected the Seven Best Wrestling Games For Android 2021

  1. WWE Mayhem
  2. Wrestling Revolution 3D
  3. WWE Champions
  4. Real Wrestling 3D
  5. Booking Revolution
  6. Pro Wrestling Battle 2019
  7. WWE Supercard

WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is going to totally top the list, especially if the game is a WWE game. WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) is one of the world’s biggest wrestling shows that give you an incredible wrestling action battle, with wrestlers like John Cena, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Randy Orten and many more.

Play as Roman Reigns, John Cena and all other WWE wrestlers, and enter the fast-paced in-ring action game. This is an arcade game with the ability to play in versus mode, tag team mode, and a lot of other battle modes available in the game. You have six distinctive wrestlers, or otherwise known as superstar groups, ranging from high-flyers to powerhouses, brawlers to showmen, wildcards, technicians.

You can build an elite squad of all of these six groups and have the biggest and most resilient team ever. You will have level-ups, prizes and, of course, the final prize for the World Championship title. This game is just 35mb in installation size, so it’s low enough for you to download and enjoy the game.

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Who’s ranked 2nd on my list of Best Wrestling Games for Android? Wrestling Revolution 3D is one of the biggest fighter games of all time on google play store with 50 million plus downloads but just 51mb of installation size. This game is constantly changed, which prevents the game from getting repetitive at any point in time.

The basic controls of this game are very simple and easy to use, you have the mouse at the bottom left of the screen to switch, you also have other combat buttons like P, G, A, R, T. For better results, visit the options menu.

WWE Champions

WWE Champions is a free RPG puzzle game where you get to fight in fast-paced action. Use the RPG to gain XP, fight in the ring, win and upgrade your wrestlers, and advance to the next round. Shape tag teams, bring together a formidable team with the best wrestlers at your disposal and take on any team you can.

Now I want you to understand that this is a puzzle game, like candy smashing, matching jewels of the same color and shape, and size to make powerful destructive moves against your opponents. Mix all the jewels as easily as you can to make fast moves and even finishers.

This game is the new wrestling game and also the most popular wrestling game on the google play store with over 10 million downloads, just 76MB in installation size.

Real Wrestling 3D

Real Wrestling 3D is a stunningly realistic 3D fighting action sports game on google play store with over 10 million downloads. You have real combat, 3D action, intense grappling techniques. The gameplay is pretty smooth, the controls are so simple and cool.

I’ll totally encourage you to download this game, the game is only 19mb in installation size and is absolutely free with only a few in-app purchases. Increase the difficulty or not, it’s all up to you, so you’re going to get tougher action with increased difficulty, be a veteran and battle all the wrestlers on the roster to catch the brass ring and become a wrestling champion.

Booking Revolution

Becoming a boss booking matches and handling careers in the game while booking a revolt. Most of the wrestlers are young and will start their career as a beginner you will need to train them and guide them to become the best wrestlers they can be on the roster.

You can upgrade to a pro and have unrestricted access to all the wrestlers on the roster and make a selection as you see fit. Be a good manager or you’re going to get a poor review and maybe you won’t be asked to manage any show at all, you may be asked to manage some events, keep people excited about the line-up of matches and get the best out of your wrestlers.

One of the most popular game wrestling in google play store with over 5 million downloads and only 59mbin installation size, the game can offer a few in-app purchases.

Pro Wrestling Battle 2019

Pro Wrestling Battle 2019 be the next big thing in pro wrestling, show that you are the best and challenge the top wrestlers of the roster, battle them for the championship. You’ve got a tournament mode I that you can pick a wrestler or build one for yourself and fight your way to the top of the mountain in this hard-hitting fast-paced strike game.

You’re offered the world’s top wrestling arena to compete in heavyweight championships on the line, all you have to do is win. Stand face to face with a range of wrestling competitors and offer a variety of battle styles and tactics and attacks at your disposal to lead off the tournament competition.

The game has a very cool sound output with HD graphics and smooth controls. The game is just 41mb in installation size, perfect for any Android computer.

WWE Supercard

Collect cards from your favorite superstars and legendary stars as well, battle your card to win more cards from other highly updated superstars. This is a fun multiplayer card fighting game, combat with your friends or people you don’t know online, and prove your best in different arenas, Smackdown, Monday night raw, nxt, and so on. And try to stay on top of that.

Currently, in this edition, WWE Supercard has upgraded to season 4 with 250+ new cards, and the top superstars are now collectible. Create your deck with all the cards you’ve won and have a good deck, fight hard to keep your deck full, try not to lose your cards.

This game is very addictive, new features and modes have been introduced as a result of the new update, the Elimination Chamber is the very first mode featuring female cards, so don’t just fight for men, fight for women.

The Best Wrestling Games For Android 2021 have been described above for you, I know you’ll find the games entertaining, some might not be what you expected, and that might be because of the variety in Android devices. Most of the wrestling games are 3d games, so they almost always have very high-quality graphics and a cool 3d animation with a smooth simulation of the wrestlers in the game.

I want to thank you for stopping and checking out the Best Wrestling Games for Android, and I also want to note that some of the above games might not be what they appear to be, this may be because they differ across Android devices and are not appropriate for all Android devices.

The above games are absolutely free, extremely enjoyable, with only a few in-app purchases and some amusing advertisements.

Some frequently asked questions

Which WWE game has the best graphics? Most of the WWE games have very high-quality graphics and a cool 3d animation with a smooth simulation of the wrestlers in the game. but if I have to choose one WWE Mayhem has the best graphics.

Which wrestling game has the best roster? Smackdown vs Raw 2006 has the best roster to date in a wrestling game history in although there are many fight games that have the best roster

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