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Advantages of Android phone over an iPhone

Some of the Advantages of the android phone over the iPhone are listed below

Type-c USB- The U in USB is universal. I’m going to be able to charge my headphones, tablets, and all of my other electronic devices. Why is the iPhone the exception?
Charging- The iPhone 11 base comes with a 5w charger. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18-w adapter. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 comes with a 25w and the Oneplus 7pro comes with a 30w.
Shows 90hz. Going back to the 60hz iPhone seems outdated every time I scroll.

The notch- The iPhone is one of the last flagship phones to have a wide notch (pixel 4 is the other exception). Esthetically speaking, I think most people would agree that the s10 and OP7P are more stunning than the bunny-ears on the iPhone.

Back button- Why don’t the iPhone have a back button? Can they really expect me to play “find the back button” with every single app? It’s the little stuff that really undermine the overall experience.

Cost- Flagship Androids always go on sale for hundreds of dollars off, but you’re fortunate enough to get a 5 percent discount when you purchase an iPhone. Android phones are cheaper to patch, too.

Better displays-The galaxy s10/Note10 has basically the best mobile display in the world. The pictures are clearer, the contrast is stronger, and the colors are more colourful.

So this are the major advantages of android over iphones.

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